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So I'm finally geting on top of the ride report ... now that the snow is falling in the Great White North. Solo bike trip through the northern interior of BC to Prince Rupert, and take the inside-passage ferry down to Vancouver Island. Send the wife and kids through the southern interior of BC, let her do her visiting of friends and family, and meet me at Tofino. Fiddle around on the island for a week, cross over to the Olympic Peninsula for a week, Mt. Ranier, Seattle, Spokane, Glacier N.P., Waterton N.P., and home. With the exception of a couple of en route audibles called due to weather or opportunity, that’s the way it played out.

SPOT Track of actual route ... a couple differences from the original plan

Sat, July 14, 2012
Odometer: 17,993
On the road at 07:45
Grabbed brekky at Entwhistle … took token food-porn shot I decided to try my new ‘Tapatalk’ app to start a thread about the trip while on the road. Seemed to work, however lack of consistent cell coverage, aaaaand enjoying the holiday too much to want to spend too much time updating the thread lead to me ignoring the Ride Report until now … after the snow has started to fall.

Brekky the first morning at Entwhistle

Hit the weigh-scales near Edson … bike and rider was 390kg (I think … it digital display was hard to read) … works out to around 860 lbs fully loaded … including rider. I’m around 185 … so around 675 worth of bike and gear. Seem heavy, but I have nothing to compare to (anyone else have weights to compare?)
Shot some footage with the Drift … didn’t know until that night that something was wrong … missed all the shit I thought I shot, camera ran till the card maxed-out shooting straight roads and traffic.
Stopped in Jasper to see if Pete was working on his place. Nobody home, but so I left him a note thanking him for letting Junior and I crash there in June on our attempt at the Forestry Trunk Road.
Stopped for mandatory shots of the bike at Mount Robson. Didn’t actually go onto the visitor centre … to many tourists.

Mount Robson

Grabbed fuel in Prince George, and headed north. There wasn’t really any camping close to PG, and since I was planning to head north to see the W. A. C. Bennett Dam, I figured I’d try for something that would put me a little closer to the next day’s destination. The AMA Camping book said there was a place around 60km north of PG. This was a bit further than I had planned to go in one day, but what the heck … it would make for a shorter day tomorrow. As I turned north, I noticed VERY black clouds to the west.
Pulled into Crooked Creek (approx.. 60km north of PG) around 7pm. Campground was PACKED … no room at the inn. Apparently, everybody from PG heads to Crooked Creek for the weekend. Had to decide whether or not to go back to PG or push on another 60km to McLeod Lake. Noticed that the storm was definitely moving east towards me. Shit. Do I backtrack to PG, and re-ride this stretch tomorrow? Or push farther north, which would put me REALLY far up shit-creek if it was just as full and the storm hits. Decided to roll the dice and try my luck at McLeod Lake.
Storm was super-dark. Fully expected to get caught in the rain, so I pulled over to swap helmet visors.
Pulled into McLeod Creek … two spaces left!! Took the one on the shore of the lake. I didn’t even bother to change out of my riding gear, before setting up camp …just raced to get the tent up.
I managed to get the tent up, my riding gear off, and my rain gear on before the storm hit. And what a show! Lightning across the lake, rain by the bucket, and hail! Waited out the hail and then started cooking dinner (freeze-dried backpacker meal … lasagna!) in the rain. At one point, I had to cover my pot of water while I waited for it to boil, because it was filling up too fast. Despite the pouring rain, it was comfortably warm, and was dry inside my rain gear. Even in sandals, my feet were soaked, but warm. Was reasonably pleasant.

A shot of after the worst of the rain:

As I was cooking dinner, another rider rolled through the campground on a 1300RT.
After I ate and washed up, I poured a scotch, lit a stogey, and wandered down the road to see if the other rider needed a hand getting set up.
It wasn’t hard to find him … he had the only other spot that had been empty when I rolled in. As I came up, he was just finishing chucking his bedding into the tent. He had also changed into rain gear and now that his tent was up, was just deciding what to do next. I introduced myself and we shot the shit for about 30 minutes. His name was Mark, and he hailed from Chino, California (somewhere in the L.A. area.) He was on his way home from a trip up the BC/Alaskan coast. He gave a tip for a good sea-food restaurant in Prince Rupert. It was still raining cats-and-dogs … so hard in fact, that I couldn’t keep my damn stogey lit. After about 30min at his site, he wanted to check out my bike, so we wondered back to my site and chatted for another 30-or-so minutes.
This far north, it didn’t start getting dark until around 10pm. I was still wired from the long day, the panic to get set up before the rain, and the extra daylight, so it took me an extra scotch to get mellowed-out enough before I was ready for bed around 10:30. A long day, and a reasonably long one again tomorrow.
Mileage: 873 km
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Stogey: Cuaba

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