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Originally Posted by Inniswhe View Post
I too was looking at the Honda but it is short peg to seat without much option to lower the pegs . That is why I thought it would be better to raise the DR,lower the pegs , and improve the suspension. You would get the benefits of the honda (taller with good suspension) plus the smooth DR motor for the slab and roomier leg room

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DR-Z400 forks and shocks have been bolted onto DRs seemingly easily. So have RM250 forks and some models of WP forks from KTMs. I'm not sure what shocks will fit on a DR besides the DR-Z, but an 18" rim with a similar-or-taller sidewall tire will add some height in the rear. The suspension height isn't the big issue for comfort though. For that you'll want to increase the peg-to-seat distance. The main benefit of swapping suspension is that QUALITY of suspension can be much improved.

Lower the rider pegs and build up the seat if you want to unkink your legs. Many brackets also move the pegs rearward a bit as well, to make standing easier. I also machined some pieces of 5/16"-thick flat stock into some lowering brackets for my passenger pegs. I can lower them 2" or 4", and now have a way to change my position on longer trips. I also have Happy Trails touring pegs bolted to my skid, so I can really stretch out and lay back if I want.

Get taller bars and some bar risers if you want to be comfortable standing too.
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