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So I had a few issues with the resin curing, it got pretty cold here last night and I didn't get it up to the temperature that it needed to be at. I was really concerned about botching the whole job because even at 24hrs the top layer was very tacky! I did two big no-nos while doing this, I didn't have the temperature high enough for curing and I was beginning to run out of resin while doing the layup and I eye balled a quick mix to finish the job. I was worried that one or both of these screwed the mix. So after talking to Erling for a bit I did two things. Because I was concerned about the last layer needing more hardener I brushed a thin layer (ill advised but I needed to give it a shot) and then I popped it into the oven at 275 F for an hour. Poof! This was an instant fix! It cured hard as a rock and I was done. This was a last ditch effort to save it and I do not plan on using the oven anytime soon. I opened all the doors and turned on the vent fan and after being an eskimo for a 2 hours it was all good (1 to cook 1 to clear out the fumes)


I will drill everything out etc once I build the CF spacers for the bolts.
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