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WTF I thought that was just a plastic shell. At least that explains why my gas tank was rusty and needed a new carburator. A new tank on my POS bike was $350 and I was like HELL NO! just change the carburator and give me a filter. A new tank on a Ducati I dont even want to know.

Is that what fuel stabilizer is for? To prevent water from collecting on the bottom of the tank?

Since the motorcycling market seems to be hardcore and enthusiast driven I would assume that flawed designs and inefficiencies would be scrubbed from the market quickly thus giving me a good buy no matter what. Sure Monsters are still selling so they must not be complete pos machines, but hearing something like this about the gas tank is pretty pathetic. After over a century of combustion engine technology should it be difficult to make a no compromising engine that doesn't break down and have minimal maintenance?

American born Korean and actual Koreans are worlds apart. You cant even compare.
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