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^^^ $3k suspension upgrade?!

DieselCruiserHead gave me the bro discount, so I just swapped bikes, I'm not spending any cash on the switch, much less $3k on suspension.

My impression riding for the day on the Fano Cherry Creek Special Loop, is that it's faster than my BRP, rides lighter than the XR400, and the suspension is reminiscent of back-country powder snowboarding. That being said, this isn't a stock bike. lots of performance mods by and among knowledgeable peeps. That being said, if I was choosing a bike for the 5 deserts tour that i did with Trackhead, I'd take the BRP without a second thought. I don't get the luxury to kill the big rides as often as days rides. Day rides... that's kinda funny to say, as a typical day ride for the hardcores on this site is like riding all week for the average rider I'd guess (at least the guys at my office that ride).......

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