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The songline "It never rains in California" was playing in my head as I was putting on raingear while the scene turned from dry to this:

Originally Posted by jeaggerfairy View Post
Most of my friends hate riding in the rain, i think they dont know what the are missing. Summer showers, mist, torrential downpours, water running down your collar, pouring water out of your boots, the ever classic wet crotch. Ok, so sometimes it's not so much fun. But we all do it because we would rather be on a motorcycle experiencing the elements than being stuck in a cage. There are moments that deffinately make me laugh when rain riding....the classic look of a car full of people looking at me thinking that i'm crazy, lol. Little do they know i could be having the time of my life! Rain riding will definately sharpen your riding skills and make you an all around better rider. When wearing the propper gear it can be a most enjoyable experience. Dont shy away from inclement weather, embace it and have a little fun.
Yep, as in the norwegian saying "it ain't bad weather but poor choice of clothing".
When riding in precipitation I feel as the whole universe has shrunk to a bubble with me in its center. Tiny me, one versus all. The life, true world. Sure, that feels good. Likely unsafe, that too.
Moriunt omnes pauci vivunt
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