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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
Until I get the biggest gun on it it will have to be used to support other medium tanks' pushes.
Even with the big gun you have to be careful. It's fast enough you can easily get too far ahead and then you are SOL because it can't take much of a beating. I usually try to stay with a group and play the support roll
Stock it is useless, but being a tier 9 it can't afford to be if you want to win. So if you run it stock, odds are you will loose(as I did many times).
As soon as you get the tracks and some goodies, it works fine (My win rate went up immediately). My mistake was not getting the tracks first. I didn't realize it HAD to have them to mount anything worthwhile. That put me even farther behind the curve.

Also, I think the Patton tends to get targeted early. With the big gun it can put the hurt on, but with the crap armor it is a pretty easy kill so people want to get it out of the way early.
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