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Left McD in search of a campground way South.

I am digging the Spanish moss!

The map showed me some pretty cool green forest areas, so I figured there should be no problem finding a forest Service campsite. Yeah.... not really! Went down a long dirt road, sandy here and there, but no signs of camp grounds. If it hadn't been for the sand I would have tried my luck down one of the narrow side roads that seemed to lead deeper into the forest, but my courage failed me.
I ended up turning around and found a forest service station that seemed deserted. I parked Spirit and went in search of a ranger. I bumped into a gal on her way home, who told me about Silver Lake camp site. She even had me follow her part way to lead me in the right direction.
I found it right before sunset, just in time seeing as here in Florida, as well as in Georgia and South Carolina, they seem to close the park entrance! What's up with all the lock down???

I picked a spot and made camp, but not before I ended up dropping Spirit halfway when squeezing between the posts, because I had miscalculated the amount of room my cases needed. Yikes! I could not for the life of me get her up, because I ha to push her backward at the same time to clear the post. I was way too tired so I asked my camp neighbor for some help. 4 hands are better than 2!

I slept like a baby that night, no worrying about gators!

It's such a nice sight to see when opening my tent in the morning

I took my time in the morning, trying not to live by the clock. Hmph! That's easier said than done!!!
I took advantage of the shower and was thoroughly enjoying the hot water when I realized that I was not alone in the shower stall.


Left around noon and headed to the coast.
The scenery there was pretty awesome but some of the pics didn't take. Turns out my memory card was loose. :(
Did take a few once I got to the coast.

If you look carefully, to the center tree, there is a bald eagle perched on top!

After all that nice scenery I was forced to take Hwy 19 down for a stretch.

Ugh!! Yuck, what an awful road! Stop go, stop go. Spirit didn't like it either, who in there right mind would want to live there?????
After what seemed like forever that alternate 19 turn showed up.
Much better!!

Could have sworn I space jumped to Hollywood!

Some awesome bridges to go over!

Famous hotel, I'll get back with the name later....

See that bridge in the distance?

Absolutely mind blowing!!!

It's like I landed in Turkey...

I got to Sarasota where a friend of my friend Geoffrey lived. She had a guest house where I would be allowed to stay......
Knocked on the door, and a guy opened it. "Hello? May I help you?" I introduced myself and said I was a friend of Geoffrey's, assuming he knew I was coming and that G had called and talked to him. Nope, no such luck.
On top of that, the guest cottage was no longer a guest cottage but a rented out cottage. LOL.
So here I was in the middle of Sarasota at sunset with no place to stay. Hmmm, think I've been there before.....
So I asked Tom (the guy's name) where the nearest camp group was. Thank fully not too far.
As I got there it turns out they were filled up, and also closing their gates. Yikes! I had forgotten about curfew time.
By now it was pretty darn dark and found myself wondering what the heck to do now. Camping out in suburbia is not really an option. I texted my friend Lorrie and asked her if she was ready for me to drop by tonight. I figured I could hang in there for 2 more hours. Turns out it was only an hour and 15 minutes away, and she was ready for me.
I put the pedal to the metal and made it there without falling asleep.
It was great seeing Lorrie again! She made us a great supper, and after a small glass of white wine I was ready to hit the sack.
Of course then I decided to do my RR.
Well, now I'm going to bed! Goodnight you'all!
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