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I know, Cortez. Only you are smart enough to have chosen the best bike in the world-all other bikes suck and we're all stupid because we didn't pick the machine you like. Message received. I'm returning you to ignore mode now.

Back to the subject at hand-I think it's fair to say that Piaggio's parts supply system is not very good. AF1 Racing, in Texas, seems to have a pretty good supply pipeline, as CD mentioned. A&S, my local dealer here, is not so good...they don't seem to have a complete stock of parts and usually have to order them and delivery seems to take 2-4 weeks. For all I know, they may be getting them from AF1. That said, however, they figured out the speedometer problem and fixed it.

Also, I rode the bike over the hill early this morning as the sun was coming up and it was glorious...very nice sweepers to bend the bike through in the cold air...a short ride, to be sure, but a nice one. And when I got back, the turn signal was STILL intact!! So, in transparency, I think the first two must have been my bad...but we'll keep watching and reporting.
Oh I don't know. Scooters in his country are used for daily transportation and are much more prevalent than they are here. he worked in a scooter shop and did scooter tests for a publication. So I give his opinion a little creedence. Just my humble opinion.
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