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What I take from Ter3e comment was most of us are already riding all the time anyways. A tag doesn't have to be a 300 mile round trip to make it worth doing. Yesterday riding to Georgetown to grab that tag on my way to Wilmington was fun. But I also think it would be fun to grab and place a few local tags in the week that don't require a long ride. It seems other people were trying to make the point that you must not like to ride if you aren't willing to ride a few hours for the tag. Where as I think most of the people in Charleston playing the game are commuters and it's more like grabbing a tag while your out doing your day to day thing anyways. Don't know if that made any sense. I just had two sticky buns and a large coffee so I'm on a bit of a sugar high. Speaking of your tag on way just on my way to grab that one. Glad you decide to try the local game. My feelings are if people want to play it they will and the thread will take off. If not it will die. Democracy in it's truest form.
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