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Bandit 1200s rebuild help

Ok advriders, I'm sure there is no shortage of advice on the forums, so I need your help. I've been a rider for a while now, with my favorite bike being my Bandit, I regretted selling it the second it left the garage. So when a 2002 Bandit 1200 showed up on the local CL, I had to pick it up. It is in rough shape and the seller accepted my $900 offer. Here's where I need the advrider advice, there isn't a single part of the bike that is perfect and a lot will be replaced/cleaned/updated.

How would you set it up to make this bike better than it ever was? Or should fix it good enough to ride and sell it in Spring for something better.

Here's my riding information - 6' 2" 190 lbs., only 30% 2up riding, 90% highway riding w 10% gravel roads of South Dakota, most trips are 100 miles round trip with 2 or 3 over night trips during the summer. I have come so far under the budget on the purchase of the bike that I can afford some great upgrades. Nearly every part of this bike needs to be touched. The bike is ugly, an obvious repaint, a few dings in the tank, front fairing cracked, the windscreen is yellowed and the tires donít hold air.


1. Oil Plugs Filter - will run a throw away oil through it first since I probably won't ride much from now till April. Is it worth putting a reusable air filter in?

2. Tires - there isn't much canyon carving in eastern South Dakota, I will ride it out to the family farm occasionally, with a few miles of gravel roads.

3. Handlebars Grips - currently the bike has a weird set of adjustable bars on it, they are pointed in the wrong direction, felt like my hands were pointed to the ditch driving straight down the road. Grips are ok, but no bar ends. It seems that Bandits are a bit buzzy through the bars, maybe there is an upgrade for them.

4. Clutch and Brake Levers - both have the ends broken off, should I find a used eBay replacement or any old Chinese knock off?

5. Chain & Sprockets - when I first showed up to drive the bike, I didn't check the chain. On the drive I could feel it skipping on the sprocket and slapping around. Tightening it up helped but I think the chain and sprockets need to be replaced. Is there a tooth combo I should look for? What chain do you guys like?

6. Suspension - are there some replacements I should look at doing right away or just find out after riding it what I need.

7. Windscreen - I like the Zero Gravity Sport Touring looks, it might be a good one to give me some more protection.

8. Seat - the seat is the only thing in perfect condition and usually the first thing people throw out. I'm no iron butt so I should be able to manage with the stock seat.

I need your recommendations and advice, don't hesitate to point out something obvious on the rebuild, I won't be offended.
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