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Day 17 Belgrade to Munich, Germany

We were both in full flight home mode now. We decided we could make the train at Calais by 2am early hours in the morning on the day after tomorrow, so we booked the train tickets online in the hotel and contemplated the 1200 miles we had to cover in 36 hours. We both enjoy spending hours on the bike with our own thought so it won't be a problem.

Once we had loaded the bikes up, Al tried moving his bike away from mine but realized all too late that he had no room and dropped the KTM a second time on the trip. I had to laugh that, meant his bike had been on its side twice as much as mine this trip, which is unheard of.

My sat nav was working well this morning, it took us the long way out of Belgrade adding about 50 miles on to the distance we had to cover but eventually we made it onto the E70 and headed towards Zagreb and Ljubljana.

We cruised along most of the morning on a toll road. However when we got to the border and stopped at the pay booth the guy would not let me through and said I had been speeding.

I had to go to the end of the line of booths where a policeman would come and deal with me. I backed out of the line went to where he had indicated and waited around 15 minutes for someone to come before deciding to make a break for the border through a gap in the barrier. I sped off not realising that the border was only a mile up the road. When we got to the checkpoint there was a long queue of cars, but there was no way I was waiting, so I skirted down the side and nipped into the line 3 or 4 cars back. Obviously I was getting beeped at but come on I was in Serbia for gods' sake. I was panicked that a big hairy copper with guns and batons hanging off him was going to speed up in his car and throw me in jail for the next 6 months.

Luck was with me and we made the crossing into Croatia with no problems. Croatia and Slovenia went quickly. They both looked like they would be good fun to ride through but we were now on a mission to get home.

The border area of Slovenia and Austria is incredible. There is a series of tunnels that are cut through the mountains taking you through some of the most scenic areas I have ever ridden. The first one was Karawanken tunnel which is nearly 8km long and cuts through the Karawanken alpine mountain range and connects the Austrian A11 and the Slovenian A2.

The whole day was spent riding towards Munich until after about 600 miles for the day we pulled up into the woods for what we hoped would be our last night on the road.

It was army boil in the bag rations for us both tonight as it was Sunday and there were no shops open anywhere. So Chicken sausage and beans for me and the oh so delicious chicken and dumplings for Al.
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