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Day 18 Munich to Bury St Edmunds, UK

Well today was the last day of the trip. About 650 miles left to push.

It was motorway all the way, pushing through the ninth new country for me, Luxembourg.

We did stop somewhere in Germany for another Currywurst and chips but could not find an imbiss so Pizza it was.

We arrived at Calais at around 9pm with my tank flashing 0 miles til empty tank.

I was sure there was a shell garage right next to the check in desk. Unfortunately there wasn’t so about turn and try and find some fuel. I just ran out of fuel as I rolled down the ramp at Citi Garage. The tank took 16.83 litres to brimming and would be the last fuel I needed before I got home.

When we got back to the terminal they told us we had to pay £40 each as we were a day early! "You are having a laugh mate, we are only a few hours early" I said. "Sorry sir, those are the rules". Tired and saddle sore we just paid up rather than wait til midnight or argue the toss with the faceless lady on the end of the tanoy.

On the train there was an interesting bloke on a 1300cc Yamaha Midnight Star who owned a few houses down by Paris and was amazed by how far we had travelled in such a short time. I was amazed anyone would want to ride his bike for pleasure but I did not say that to him:)

I got home around midnight, with exactly 6000 miles on the trip odometer.

Now we have been back a while and I have had time to think about the trip I realize how lucky I am. I can afford to do amazing trips like this, I have no ties and I have a good mate to share it with. Trips like this are not for everyone, and I am sure there are guys reading this that would baulk at pushing these distances for fun without really stopping to enjoy the countries you pass through. But that is the way me and Al prefer things. The one thing that made the trip for me was the people in Turkey, in particular in Istanbul. They are the friendliest people I have ever met. Usually when you travel through a country you come across lots of people that will talk to you but only to try and extract money from your wallet. Well we never once had that (other than the police), if anything we were given far more than we gave in terms of a friendly smile and the obligatory cup of Turkish Tea.

We will go riding again next year, but the location has not been decided. I would like to go back to Morocco but Al wants to try Scandinavia or Russia. Maybe we will make a decision when we meet up at my workplace on the 1st September 2013 all packed with no place to go. I also think we would both welcome some different stories so if what we do interests you then get in touch especially if you already have an idea for a trip.

People always ask me how much the trips cost so this is the breakdown:

Fuel £827
Food & Drink £315
Train £120
Accommodation £170
Total £1432

This does not take into account the cost of the bike, camping kit and servicing and tyres on our return.

The End
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