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Originally Posted by NikonsAndVStroms View Post
Nope, look at the price tag....

2,100 for a camera with tiny AF coverage, .
for most action you usually are trying to center the subject anyway? my D700 has a small hiccup working with the SB 900 and with the Best Buy Black Tie warranty due to the 700 is "discontinued" (even though Nikon USA has them back on their website) if I send it in for service, they may "replace" the camera (give me full refund in store credit) as thats what they did with my D40 and D300 which allowed me to upgrade. I really like the D700 but should they want to replace it I'm not sure which way to go. All else aside the D3S looks like the smart move but they don't carry it. I don't want an 800 and even though I thought I wanted a D4 I now think...I don't.

I'd like to have two 700's is what I'd like to have. MX season is over so it's time to send the 700 in for service but I'm afraid they'll deem it "not repairable" and I'll be forced into a 600 or an 800.

so far the 600 makes more sense? maybe get 2 of those....
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