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Originally Posted by gtbensley View Post
Fellow fz1 owners, I could use a little help please. I am leaving in two weeks for a cross country trip, Maine to California and back, and am working on getting my bike in good condition. One problem or complaint I have had with the bike is poor, notchy like shifting. I realize this is a common complaint with the bike, however, mine seems worse then just a notchy trans.

I run rotella t 6 15-40. Shifting into first can be rough, almost like it goes click, click, click, and then pops in.

I have pulled the clutch cover and checked to see if the cap at the end of the shaft is still there, which indeed it is. I am at a loss for why it shift like crap.

Also, how far do you go on a tank? I hit the light about 160 miles but only seem to fill about 3.6-4.1 depending on how I ride. It's a 5.5 gallon tank correct?

Mine is bone stock and has 93k on the clock. it shifts exactly like you say. except for just after a oil change. I have found that if i pull the clutch in before I crank it and never let it out until I drop it into first i don't get the nasty grrrrrrCLACK. when I'm riding and stopping a lot I tend to leave it in first when I park, again i always crank it with the clutch pulled. and mine is better warm. but let the temps outside get over 100 and it get's bad notchy again. I'm running the same oil as you as was the previous owner and he put 85k on the bike. figured if it got that many miles with no problems I'd keep using it. I've got 220 miles out of a tank before the light came on running 70 to 80mph with bags on the side and a wedding dress strapped down on the back. (I was at a friends for the weekend, they had some dresses and my daughter liked one so if i could get it home it was free and i wouldn't have to buy one for her wedding, so soft bags got moved to one side hard case to the other from the top and bundgie net the dress on. i got some looks on the interstate running 80 with that on there.)

when i figured it up i got 70mpg on that trip. I get around 170 to 180 miles on a tank before the light comes on around here going back and forth to work. For some reason mine get's better millage at 70+ then it does below 70. I guess it's due to all the long trips it has taken in it's life running at those speeds.
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