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We've moved really far inland and now we are up on the Mexican Alitplano. Today we spend most of our time above 7,000 feet and topped out at almost 9,000! My poor carburated "El Senior" is struggling to breathe up here and I can feel the engine lagging as it tries to get enough oxygen for the fuel. Sometimes when I stopped at toll booths and let the engine idle, it would quietly die and have to be reved and re-started. If I stay up here much longer I'll probably have to adjust the fuel/air mixture screw. Below picture is my GPS telling me how high I am.

When I was on my trip I got up to elevations of 10,000+ feet on my XR650L. I was running with sea level jetting / stock exhaust / and Dave's carb mods. Not sure if you did that mod or not. All I did was turn up the idle adjustment so it idled higher. Just keep the revs up and the idle up and you should be fine. Other than that, all its doing is running rich. Safe travels dude.
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