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Originally Posted by Dunewar View Post
I know I know...lame title. I'm sure all the studs here in ADVrider have no concerned wife and if they did they would kick her to the curb in no time, red flags etc...

For those that are still reading : I'm selling my R1100GS and I want to go to a more sportier bike. My dream ride is a 929 fireblade (for no rational reasons) actually.

But my wife has put a firm rule : no sportsbikes. And she is strict on that. Since I started riding motorbikes after I met her, I kinda agreed to that rule. In fact, she bought me an introduction session to motorcycling as a birthday present with the words "but should you want to continue this, NO SPORTSBIKES".... So basically I got into motorcycling with this condition.

I know, half of the replies will be : "you are a doormat", and I don't care. Because I love my wife and I want to consider her opinion. She does a marvelous job caring for our daughter and me, and I don't want her mad/concerned every time I go out riding.

That in mind, I am a firm believer you can get into trouble with any motorcycle, not just sportsbikes. And the forward riding position somehow agrees with my back and makes me feel very comfortable. And I'm also convinced that the limit of motorcycling outside a racetrack is not decided by the bike, but by the biker and even more so by the circumstances. Forget apexes, racing lines, etc... but think clear lines of sight, road surface, traffic.

So I would not ride any differently on a fireblade than on my GS (or the kawa I had before). Last organised roadtrip I joined a pack consisting of a BMW S1000rr, a F800s, a kawa Z1000, and I decided to abandon them halfway because they were too slow for me. I ride my own tempo no matter what, no matter the bike or the pack.

But how do I make this clear to my wife? She is convinced that a sportsbike makes you go 10 times as fast as you should, and that buying one is planning for suicide. Any arguments I can use? Any experiences? Something? Her comeback is : "but you have a young child, you shouldn't put yourself in danger like that!". Hard to argue with an emotional statement like that, but any input?

Oh and no, I'm not quitting bikes because of my children. They need a sane dad, and motorcycles help keep me sane.
You do ride faster on sportbikes and yes you would ride differently than on a GS. You can reach the limits of a GS quicker and be just as much of a twat on one but TBH sportbikes - IOW - anything over 100 bhp on the road is useless. Sportbikes are just getting started where the GS finishes and their suspension etc work much better at higher speeds. Many are boring where the GS shines.

The Fireblade is a good choice being the most road worthy of sportbikes but it is comparatively useless.

Ultimately the wife is looking out for you / kids. Maybe it isn't the bike so much as you. Most women or men I know who have issues with their spouses / SO on bikes is more about how the spouse / SO rides than the bike itself.

Maybe she had a friend etc who had a sportbike. Young males are dumb and many a woman I know refuse to get on my sportbike after riding one when younger and some idiot going crazy on it with them on the back. That would leave a lasting negative impression.

I've ridden bikes for over 22 yrs and with all the options out there if my SO was accepting of certain models over others I am sure I could find a compromise.

Want something sporty but not a sport-bike. Get a KTM Duke or 950SM or the Ducati Hypermotard etc. All the sportbike flavour without the wife pissed off. Plenty of other options out there.

Edit: I see you bought a Fazer... exactly my point. Good for you.
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