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So, we had an excellent first day on the bike, sans a guide and/or leash. Actually managed to get into a bit of a pickle when both our GPS's went dead, and then Adam's DR650 ran out of gas, miles away from Quito. It all worked out in the end after we ran back to town for gas and then siphoned out of the KLR. Eventually made our way back to the bike shop, amazingly, mostly from memory.

Riding a bike on the streets of Quito is quite an experience. City rules, no one seems to obey any road markings or traffic lights. Best plan is to look big, ominous and determined to hold your line; sharp elbows pointed outward, clench your jaws and growl if you accidentally make eye contact with someone in a cage next to you. Lane split at every light if the cars are stopped. Just act like you own the street. Kind of like navigating a ski lift line in Italy, but Ecuador is much more friendly.

We find our way back to the shop and the guys tell us that the other 2 people on our tour which starts tomorrow are stuck at the airport in Miami. Mark and Mark, a couple guys from Lubbock, TX. Not to worry though, we'll just start without them and let them catch up in Mindo, on Day 2. Off to dinner for cerveza and langostinos!
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