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Originally Posted by atlas cached View Post
When I visit, Select California and filter for Topo Maps only, I get 16 maps to choose from. Only four of those do not contain roads, and seven do not have trail data. Can you narrow it down any further?

My memory suggests to me the current Garmin 24K topo maps are still built from 2008 data.
Sorry, I forgot about that. I just looked at my download history. Here are the files I've downloaded:

california_topo_2011 (
us_plan_nw (
California by MapsBank
osm_generic_windows (I can't recall the host)

I'm covered for street nav now, having purchased Garmin's overpriced maps. I would love something useful for offroad use on my TE450/DR250 though. I may just end up grabbing my ankles and spending the $120+ for the 24K West Topo map.
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