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Please come on. I enjoyed your continental divide report.

I left the house Saturday morning after getting some laundry and PT done. I went around the back of the lake to Nix Creek to Parker Padgett to Bat Cave and down 9 and up 74-A to Grant Mountain.

I found my way around the bottom of Hendersonville and over to Flat Rock and then over Pinnacle Mountain. I haven't been over there in years. I took it all the way across to Reasonover and on into Brevard. Brevard still has an active Occupy movement. You have to admire their dedication. Down 64 to Rosman and on up 215.

I snapped a little too early as this fellow gave me the wave. Promise.

I went through Pinhook Valley over to Wolf Creek. I did some more PT at Horshoe Rock.

I went down 281 to 107, where I turned left and headed up to Glenville. Right on Pine Creek and then another right...

Wheeee! is right there in the name.

I cruised into town for some gas and caffeine.

That's it for pictures from Saturday.

Back up to Ellijay and over the divide to 64, where I made a left. Riding past the big falls in Cullasaja gorge gave me vertigo. Down 28 to Warwoman. I was getting sort of tired and the sun was in my eyes on Warwoman, but it was fun nevertheless.

Confession time and warning to others. I had some time to burn until those guys got to Clayton. I headed back out Warwoman Dell to chill out and do some chain maintenance. I was oiling my chain by rolling the bike along and setting it on the kickstand then move along and repeat. I had my attention on getting the oil on the chain when the bike started tipping toward me because I hadn't set it down on the stand right. I was able to keep it from falling over with full force on my legs (and maybe breaking something) but I ended up with my right leg pinned under the bike, unable to lift it enough to get it out. In dilated, pinned animal time, it was like 20 minutes, but probably only 10 in real time. So I didn't really consider chewing my own leg off, but I know that there is no cell reception at Warwoman Dell. Be careful out there!

I met Layla and her paddling crew at Mama G's for some primo Italian food. We camped at Tugaloo Dam tailwaters. Awesome stars. They need to make the water release alarm a little more soothing, especially at 2 a.m.
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