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Originally Posted by Bubwheat View Post
GD I'm tired of hearing this crap. In reality the SEC is a fairly decent conference that has been dominated by 1 team for what, the last 5 years? 'Bama has lost 5 conference games in the last 5 years? Lots of balance there.

But, I guess if you're a fan of Tenn, Auburn, Ol Miss, Kentucky and Missouri, it makes it a little less painful to know that your teams are sucking big time, if you keep telling yourself about how much respect the SEC has.
2009 was the transition year. Florida dominated for a while, then in 2009 Florida and Bama were both undefeated in the SECCG....the first time that ever happened. Alabama won and has generally been the dominant power since.....but there have been a few other solid teams mixed in. When Alabama takes that inevitable step down, another will take its place.

When the SEC is described as a dominant conference, it isn't to say that all the teams are great...far from it....It's just that the competitive nature of the conference consistently produces one or two national contenders. Remember that the 6 year MNC streak has 4 different teams as winners....that's not bad.
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