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Thursday September 13

Well it was clear we were not going to complete the full route as shown below, we just don't have enough time - we are not making enough kms each day. We are old pansies in other words.

So we decide it is time to make our way home a different route. This was a bit disappointing but necessary. We pack-up for departure.

And get back on Highway 1, this time heading back the way we came. Heading west. We don't get very far before we are stopped for bridge work.

We stop for a quick pic at 3 Valley Gap. There is a lake there that gets quite windy. We passed a powered-up windsurfer. My second off-road bike tour and again I see a windsurfer. Cool.

Around 3 Valley Gap we get off Highway 1 and back on the gravel - our destination is the 3 Valley Mabel Forest Service Road. You can see an old cabin on the way there.

The view from the old cabin.

A butterfly lands on my luggage. A Lorquin's Admiral... learn something new every day.

Yes we are going the right way. The road at km 0.

Then we run into this on the gravel. This is Clark Stucktruck's tire. His name was Clark, I gave him the Stucktruck appellation.

We try and help him out, but some twit overtightened his wheel nuts. They are stuck on something fierce. Despite all of our efforts, we only were able to loosen off one nut. I figure Stucktruck couldn't get the nuts off and tried to ride out on the flat, and totally destroyed his tire. Also his wheel studs by the sound of things.

We got help for him in the small community of Enderby. Not sure how it all ended-up. The cost for a tow is very high - more than $500 bucks - and the tow truck drivers don't want to drive out unless they know they will get paid. A stand-off.

One thing I learned is that Bell has the best cellphone coverage in BC. I was the only guy to have coverage many times. Rogers and Telus just don't have it.

On the road to Enderby for lunch and to help Stucktruck, we run into our own problems. Vlad gets a flat. Fixed very quickly.

Next we have a long road section, we don't get back on the trails for a while. We roll through Armstrong BC and on to Highway 97 to get on the Douglas Lake Road.

This guy in the Rona truck toasts his tire and comes to a stop. We smelt it burning for a couple of km while he drove on for a safe place to stop.

Douglas Lake Road in the woods. It would later open up on the plateau. Scenic route, gravel very fast in the open.

Cockpit shots on the Douglas Lake Road. Pick your weapon.
Brian's Machine, busted mirror from his Big Bend Ferry get off.

Vito's cockpit

Vlad's cockpit

My Cockpit. The chalkbag covers my gopro.

Douglas Lake Cattle Company

This gravel was very fast. I won't say how fast to avoid incriminating myself.

The gravel turns to paved twisty road, which was also lots of fun. A nice change... which eventually lead to our campsite at the Monck Provincial Park on Nicola Lake. A nice spot for Brian to set-up. We all take our own sites. We camp in the closed section of the site, to get away from the RVs and to help with Brian's severe dog allergy.

Our plan: pay for the site, and leave no trace. Hence we need no facilities. We can walk to the washrooms. So we don't care that where we camp is closed. But of course there is somebody else that always does...

The view from Vito's tent. Not to be enjoyed for long...

The km.

Lies! Suffice to say we moved our campsite at the request of Park's staff, which was justified with Lies! Outright, damnable lies, the lies of a bureaucrat.

They did not heed my suggestion to come back in the morning with the cops to feel even better and kick us out.

At least that would have left us in peace for a good nights sleep. So we end up camping with the RVs.

In the end it all worked out OK and we had a good laugh and nursed a drink or two. We were in the wrong, and our poor judgement was corrected. Another life lesson learned... man I am getting to old to keep making mistakes. When will I learn? Never!

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