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Originally Posted by ScottDill View Post
With more data in, I think its clear that Georgia is the best team in the SEC East this I thought at the beginning of the season, but not after the two USCe games. The three best teams in the SEC are once again in the West though. Florida was lucky to get aTm early.

Florida is fortunate to be 8-1 and to have clinched at least a tie for first place in the division. As weak as the offence is, it's astonsing how close they are to being undefeated and ranked #2...The Georgia game really could have gone either way with all of the turn-overs. It would be undeserved though.

I'll take it, they won a few this year that they probably should have lost (aTm, Missouri) and lost a few last year that they should have won (Auburn , UGA & FSU) so I guess it balances out.

They're still not playing Florida Football, so let's see how they come out next year.
I'd say there's not much difference in Georgia, Florida & S. Carolina this year. Honestly they are all decent teams. I think LSU and A&M are in the same boat. I don't think they are any better or worse than the 3 from the East. 'Bama is good! I'll take the Tide over the field. They should be favored by 2 touchdowns or so in the SEC championship.

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