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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Well, all rally bikes that KTM ever built until now have been carbed, if there is any change we would probably have heard about it in the Racing subforum.

Aprilia is FI, don't think Husky/BMW ever built a factory rally bike but Speedbrain ones are FI, Berg never had a rally bike but privateer efforts on 70 are FI, Yamaha never built a factory rally bike but Yam Europe supported efforts as well as JVO bike were mostly carbed WRs with the odd privateer using a FI'd YZ450. New Honda rally bike is FI.

I guess reliable FI systems are possible - for the most part - but KTM does not feel like they are quite there yet. Maybe the head honcho who decides owned a FI'd 690 at some point and got frustrated?
Well, that could be true. We all know I've had my 690
Issues but that should all be behind me I'm pretty sure Helders YZ was FI
Just say'IN
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