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"Sounds like you've had a run of bad luck with a bike you thoroughly enjoy."

That's exactly it in a nutshell...well said.

"Scooters in his country are used for daily transportation and are much more prevalent than they are here. he worked in a scooter shop and did scooter tests for a publication. So I give his opinion a little creedence. Just my humble opinion."

Point noted and expertise acknowledged. Doesn't make anyone else's opinion less valid than his and his experience does not, in itself, cause me to ascribe greater value to his opinion than, for example, cdwise's or anyone else who has posted thoughtful stuff herein. It also does not excuse his confrontational style in what is otherwise a congenial exchange of information.

Just for the record, and to restate it for Cortez' benefit yet again, AND for yours, I have never said that the SWing or the BV were perfect or handled the best or were the most reliable. What I have said, over and over, is that the SWing is a packmule which makes a good touring platform and the BV is a lightweight local bike which, IMHO, handles much better than the SWing, but which is plagued with little design and quality defiiciencies. I own both machines and ride them both regularly, so for that reason, I feel I am qualified to pass along my observations to interested parties. I try to be transparent when I do so, up to and including reportage on myself when I screw up...not trying to hide anything about either bike or about my many shortcomings as a rider and maintainer of motorbikes. I claim NO expertise and you all are free to draw whatever conclusions you wish about what I'm reporting, Cortez included.

Anyway, enough said on all that stuff. May we simply proceed in a congenial, non-confrontational way with the goal of helping each other? Thanks...

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