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Often times,knowing what you are doing can make all the difference.
Why is a KTM screw or bolt easier to cross thread then any other?
The oil transfer issue is 1 seal behind the clutch,its an hour job even by a home mechanic. If KTM's dont turn,just how did they win all 4 off road championships in the US?Jetting the bike is an hour job also.Gearing gets changed before you ride it in the dirt.
Dirtbike riders have been working on their own bikes for many years,if I had to take mine to the shop for maintenance I would never get to ride the thing,on any dirt/dual purpose bike.
Its better that you ride a WR250R.
RANT WARNING - Proceed at your own risk.
I never said KTM's don't turn. The original poster has a a 650 and said he wanted something more maneuverable. The several 250 dual sports I have ridden FEEL more nimble than 450's I have ridden (Honda, KTM, Yamaha) even when the bigger bikes weight less. I don't know why. Perhaps it has something to do with that big piston's momentum on the engine high in the frame?

And for the record I have no problem changing the oil on my bikes. I installed the "missing" fan, changed sprockets, pulled off the pollution junk, removed the exhaust restriction, rejetted and more all with no guidance whatsoever from KTM or the selling dealer. In hindsight I would have done it all sooner had the selling dealer known anything about KTM450exc's. But still I would have had the oil transfer issue first from the engine to tranny and later from the tranny to engine. Changing oil every 200 miles (IN BOTH OIL SUMPS) to find out if there is any oil in the engine (or far too much) was a royal pain in the tail but it was the only way to finally document what was happening to the oil (going from one case to another). I chouldn't trust the KTM450exc sight glass (according to the forums). Plus I had to tip the bike over and back to get all the oil out and even then not all the oil came out (but gasoline did get all over the garage floor and that is a good design?). I imagine the 2012 KTM's are better as even KTM recognized their mistake and returned to a single sump. Of course those of us with the faulty design are stuck with it unless we would like to pony up another 5K to the folks at KTM or are willing to take apart the engine on the weekends instead of riding.

Yet another typical maintenance more difficult than all my other bikes was changing the air filter. Why just two flat surfaces that slide all over the place buried deep in plastic? Since you could not visually check the mating surfaces, would it be so hard to have a ridge so the two parts "clicked" together so there was no way to accidentally leave a gap and feed dirty air to your engine?

Perhaps KTM exc's are no harder to maintain than any other race dirt bike. But they are much harder to maintain than other dual sports and the original poster might consider that the hours add up fast if you do any street riding (as the original poster mentioned he would). And don't look to KTM or my local dealers to suggest reasonable maintenance intervals for non race conditions. Yeh, just go to the internet and experiment on your new $9K race bike. Should you change oil at 15 hours (and then every 30 hrs) or go 600 miles and change it (as the dealers recommended)? Beat's me.

I have heard that KTM makes great two strokes. I have heard they are great for winning races. Heck, I even enjoyed riding my KTM450exc. The massive available power was tremendous and the relatively light weight was great as well. What I did not enjoy the constant worry that either the engine or the transmission would run dry and crater and the constant worry that KTM would not back their product.

If you are comparing KTM exc's to a WR250r then just be aware what you are taking on. WR's have been on the market for years and there is a tremendous amount of fellow owners with the same bike you have that can assist you debug the bike. KTM builds a bike for a few years then changes it to make it better. Great for innovation but not so great for reliability. And it makes it much more difficult when you are trying to find folks who have corrected the same problem you are having.

So yes it is better that I ride a WR250r and it is also better that other folks ride KTM exc's. To each his own.

But enough of this, I am going riding.
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