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If you have 30K, you should definitely change both sprockets and the chain. I recommend a DID 525VM2. It is very high quality and not too expensive. It is also an Xring.

You will need a large socket to loosen the nut on the front sprocket. I can't remember the size. Loosen the front sprocket before removing the chain, an air impact wrench makes it a cinch to remove. The rear is self explanatory.

You will need a chain breaker and rivetting tool. Motion Pro makes a good one. I bought one made by RK.

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I'll reach 30K on my Tiger in November. I'd like to change out the sprockets on the bike myself. I'm not the mechanic type but have done some stuff on the bike like installing fog lights and heated grips. The problem is i really don't know how. I could figure it out but first i want to reach out to the Tiger 800 community for help. I want to drop a tooth of the front sprocket and go down to 15 to get more low end grunt and probably keep the same number of teeth on the back.

Can any of you share insights on the right sprockets to get and how to install. The back looks kind of obvious but the front not so much. Do i need to change the chain at the same time and which chain should i get and who from? Photos would be helpful and any other tips i could use. I'm sure i'm not the only one so whatever you can share could help hundreds of people.
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