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Originally Posted by gzr View Post
>The rear wheel broke traction a couple of times when I used too much throttle, and that's something I've never experienced on the street. How can I get used to it? Did you folks do exercises or something to get used to it?
Do it more, do some donuts.

>Water puddle + clay = zero traction....... I nearly got stuck in the only puddle on the track. Unless I get knobbly tyres, how the hell can I get through mud?
More speed going in and lots of throttle, but if it's really muddy only a knob will do.

>I have no effing idea how to negotiate those tight corners that are banked about 45 degrees. I basically chickened out and waddled along in first, slipping the clutch and putting my foot down on the high side of the banking. Any tips on how to handle these? Are they even possible on a bike that weights two and a half times as much as me?
More speed and just let the berm catch ya.

>Steep ramps were not so difficult as long as there was a bit of a run-up. Scared myself sh**less when I got a foot of air at the top....
Keep the throttle on all the way up and out of the jump, you jump with the throttle closed your going to have a bad time.

Go buy a copy of Shane Watt's Dirtwise.
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