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Originally Posted by rickypanecatyl View Post
Disagree. KTM works hard to market their bikes as "ready to race" and veterans on here familiar with the "intense maintenance schedule as compared to a daily driving cage" are used to that and often will honestly say they did nothing to their bike that made it 800 hours before a rebuild, because in their minds "the known fixes" (as hilighted by the "whiners" ) and regular maintenance are considered "nothing". BUT it isn't that obvious to a newbie.

At least cut Jim some slack - of course it's great to know how to work on your own bike, but it isn't crazy for the busy person with $ to think that the dealer should know what to do and be able to take care of it for you.

By the way, MY WIFE knows KTM only uses carbs in their rally bikes and that they were still running them in the Moroccan rally. Maybe she could do some research for you?.
I dunno, pretty much anyone knows when you buy a brand new bike you need to re-jet it, de-smog and do a lot of adjusting and fiddling to get it dialed in right.

"Ready to race" means that an EXC can be driven granny-slow through the woods (me) or hit the Hare Scramble circuit. (few of my buddies)
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