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Hey guys I didn't make the Safari - was on my way up to Ballina riding along the Darling towards Burke. Unfortunately the old girl decided to buck me off and then land on top of me. So that was the end of my Safari but only the beginning of a bit of a struggle. Luckily I was travelling with fellow inmate Bruce who sorted me. Problem for him was I lost consciousness he then had a nerve racking hour while he waited for the ambo.
The Burke hospital told my wife I had a couple broken shoulders but as I was crashing badly they decided to fly me to RPA in Sydney turned out t o be right shoulder broken in 2 places left wrist, 11 ribs with two being broken twice including number 1 rib which was left 1.5 mm from an artery, split kidney, brused liver and spleen and internal bleeding.
I was placed in an induced coma for the next 12 days were my wife and family were put through hell with things like brain damage and just surviving the injuries.
Anyway I am back home now and have been given the all clear by specialists and back working 3 hours a day as I continue to recover.
So many people to thank Bruce my riding mate ( we had only met the day before) the RFDS the bloody brilliant medicos at RPA a client who drove from Whyalla to Burke to pick up the bike. My staff who kept my business running. My wife and family who went through hell.
I was ATGATT and believe that it saved my arse. It's good to still be here.
Still waiting for my T shirt.......
I'm not as good as I once was.......but I'm as good once as I ever was!
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