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Originally Posted by Bubwheat View Post
GD I'm tired of hearing this crap. In reality the SEC is a fairly decent conference that has been dominated by 1 team for what, the last 5 years? 'Bama has lost 5 conference games in the last 5 years? Lots of balance there.

But, I guess if you're a fan of Tenn, Auburn, Ol Miss, Kentucky and Missouri, it makes it a little less painful to know that your teams are sucking big time, if you keep telling yourself about how much respect the SEC has.
Well, a lot of us are GD tired of hearing the whining from fans of teams outside the SEC bitchin about it. The fact is it's not just a bunch of knuckle dragging, redneck, Kool-Aid drinkers saying that. pretty much every sports media person agrees.
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