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Originally Posted by Earthscape View Post
I also think it would be great if Kawasaki brought the KLX650 back. I don't think they gave it enough of a chance back when it was available, and the choices in that class now, at least in the US, are not plentiful. A 650 with liquid cooling, Japanese reliability and 11" travel suspension would be, and was, a great bike.
Write to Kawasaki, tell them you want it - ??

If Kawasaki builds something I personally hope it would be something a lot more like this...

That's a KLR with a Versys 650 Twin inserted into it. I have met the gentleman who built the bike in the pictures (he just purchased my personal Versys so he can build another one in a 2nd Generation KLR donor), and from what he says this type of sled might be what many of us are looking for... BTW, apparently the Versys twin is no heavier than the KLR single it replaces. He also said the Versys engine had smoother, better power in off-road situations, yet could also easily cruise at over 85 MPH all day long on the slab.

If Kawasaki could build an under 400-lb Versys-engine-based twin with *REAL* off-road capable suspension, a 21"/18" wheel combination, and a real dual-purpose riding position I think they'd have a real market winner on its hands.

Just my two centavos... OMMV.


p.s. - BTW, the builder of the bike above is considering the idea of building these KLR/Versys hybrids and making them available for sale.


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