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Does this spot thing need care and feeding? my plan was to mount it to my camelback semi permenant and just turn it on when I leave. I don't need to be touching it and playing with it all the time do I? I
You don't need to, if you want to use the tracking feature. Turn it on, let it get a signal, then enable the tracking and ride. That will send a message every 10 mins on your location.

If you need to summon help or 911 though, you will need to manipulate it to do those things.

Where to mount it is always a point of debate. On the bike or off the bike? On the bike seems more robust and like it will survive a crash. I can also manipulate mine while riding as I don't use the tracking feature as that costs extra. The down side here is if you and your bike get separated, you have to get to your bike. On your person is good too. In the event of the crash, you will have the unit with you and not need to get to your bike. The downside here is will the unit survive the crash or hurt you more if it's mounted to you. These things you will have to decide.
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