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The water release/quiet hours are over alarm went off, and it was time to get moving. The night before, I had gotten lost on the way down to the campground and found some interesting roads, so I decided to explore some of them.

Repeat photo of Tugaloo Dam.

This road got steeper, so I turned around. This grade plus leaves plus street tires equals not making it to breakfast on time, and we had had a missed meal reminder the evening before.

It turns out that the road system at Tallulah Point and the road system at Tugaloo Village do NOT connect. Still fun running around in there. I have a feeling that there are good overlooks.

On to Clayton and breakfast.

I was running around in the woods longer than I expected and those guys were also delayed, so breakfast was short and sweet.

In spite of the fact that I was on Warwoman Road, the Gaston of 1993 visited me and insisted on a run over US 76 to Chattooga Ridge Road. Good call!

I did the west end twisties on Warwoman and then up the rest of 28 to Highlands. I checked in with Lucky but he wasn't feeling well. Horse Cove Road has brand new pavement. Very nice. Then through Bull Pen over to NC 107 and back into South Carolina.

I'm sorry. I find it difficult to pass up Whitewater Falls.

Nice collection. My friend's older brother had a Charger that same shade of purple when I was a kid. A ride in that car across the Plains Road at 100+ and "News to the World" at high volume changed me forever.

I had a car free run up 281 to US 64 and even had that road to myself almost until I turned off of it to follow 281. There are curvier roads with better scenery and better pavement, but 281 from Lake Toxaway to NC 107 is one of the best. I hung a right on Charlie Creek for some more twisties. I finally saw the entrance of Neddie Mountain. I was ahead of schedule, so I took it back out to 281. Canada, take two, action!

I picked up a fuel truck pulling out of Pinhook Campground. He went down the hill on 215, so I went up. The Parkway was open, so I went over to US 276, which also has brand new pavement. At the bottom of the exit ramp I ran into fancyindigo.

We chatted for a moment. She had places to go. I had places to go. I took Yellow Gap Road over to North Mills River. I forgot how friggin long that road is. Lunchtime! I busted a move to Asheville. People on ludes should not drive. The upside down triangle means "you're the one that has to back off." Good thing I looked in the rearview. No one was behind me, so these guys will not merge in front of m---whoaaa! Tire smoke, people heading for the guardrail. I easily had enough brakes to stay out of the melee. Anyway, that little incident was better than a 12 oz Red Bull. The freaks were out in numbers in town.

I took 40 down the hill to NC 126.

Kitty! He was outside on his own. Layla was a mere hour behind me.

Cela est comment nous roulons.
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