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Transmission leaking??

Hi. I just got back from a 700 kilometer-ride and just saw me rear wheel being all splashed with something. Apparently my bike is leaking oil from the transmission. It had a big drop of oil still holding beneath the tranny.
It is definitely oil cause of the smell. I did the first oil change at 1000 kilometers adding the exact amount of oil the manual says and it dripped through the refilling hole.
My bike has now 3500 kilometers. Have you had the same problem?? Would it be definitely a leak??? I have heard of some bikes that have too much grease from factory in the rear spindles and it melts out as you ride.

I have another question for you guys. I keep hearing a "click" noise coming from the front end when the suspension is sagging through medium to bigger bumps. What would it be??

As you see English is not my native language!!!!

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