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Originally Posted by Charlie Gary View Post
From the looks of that picture your shoulder has all necessary functions. Anything beyond ensuring your supply of beer won't be hindered is bonus, right?
It's functional in most ways I'd say.. But in some angles it's insane how bad it hurts.. The first day's I couldn't raise the arm any higher than that in the beer picture, any movement above that almost made me cry like a little baby. Now it's much better and doesn't hurt in everyday movement such as drinking, eating and putting on clothes etc. But it is in some of those angles I just mentioned, like having the arm straight and slightly backwards, that really hurts. I still cannot sleep lying on my side to the right, which is the side AWAY from extremely warm girlfriend in bed So I have to put up with the heat she radiates!

Oh, and regarding the beers.. I have plenty to keep me satisfied after long days in school

Originally Posted by SLV2NON View Post
No kidding. My last crash left my right arm completely useless for over a month. If he can hold a beer or raise his arm high enough to operate a tap... I'd say he is good to ride tomorrow!
Seems like you had an even worse crash than me. Unfortunately I won't be riding anytime soon though, doesn't matter if I get healed up or not, the bike will still be around 600 km's away from my current location anyway. And since the snow is around the corner all I can do is wait for spring

Originally Posted by Cale_Kat View Post
Glad you're okay. It is scary to think of being injured in the woods, all alone. You must have a very high tolerance for pain to have gotten your bike out of that ditch and ridden to the hospital!

Don't hold me in suspense, You said you'd learned your lesson but you didn't say what the lesson was. Any pearls of wisdom?
Next time, don't chicken out! For real.

edit: don't want to sound cocky or anything.. but I think it's the reason why it all went as it did. Sure, I could have gone slower into the corner.. But my aim is to master the gravel techniques and you don't do that at a slow pace, unfortunately.
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