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Originally Posted by Hay Ewe View Post
So the local Rolex shop was open last night and I strolled by to have a look.....
they almost have one of each model in stock at the moment, the owner of the shop is quite proud of that. He also has a a fair few other limited edition wathes in stock at the moment.
but I digress.

It got me thinking about how one would verify the authenticity of a watch?. Sure, buying it from an authorized dealer is going to increase reliability, but, if they can fake airplane parts and then they get sold by authorized dealers, they can do watches as well.

How would you verify that you were getting a legitimate item, not a knock off?

Hay Ewe
Save the receipt and take it to the vendor who is his competition and have it checked. If it passes keep it, if it fails, take it back. I JUST had a guy try to trade me a Submariner for a old vintage Chevy truck I have and I busted it as fake right away however, his "jeweler" had told him it was genuine. I let him know it was NOT real or I would have traded for it in a second. If he were not related to me by marriage, he would have gotten all pissed off.
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