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Originally Posted by Harleytoo View Post
Hey guys, has been a while since I have been on this forum, but had a question that I expect I can get some honest feedback on with a bit of a limit to the bashing if I go to either a Triumph or Harley forum.

I recently sold my '07 R1200 GSA and have continued to ride my '05 Harley Road King Custom. I have done a lot of upgrades to this bike, engine, suspension, many custom parts - it is one of a kind and set up for me to enjoy around town or on thousand mile trips. Lots of storage, comfortable, decent performance.

The down side is really only the vibration and the fact that I often smell of fuel when I get back from a ride (they have never been able to get it to not run a bit rich).

Anyhow, I have owned many Triumphs in the past and really love their bikes. I have lately been considering the Rocket 3 Roadster as a replacement for my 40,000 mile Harley. I can get a really good deal on one right now from a local dealer as well.

The Harley has copious amounts of storage with hard bags and a Tour pac. If I go to the Rocket I will have to pick up bags (probably Corbin beetle bags) to even get anywhere near the storage of the Harley and even then it will be short.

The main reasons for my potential move is better performance (the 2300cc Rocket 3 has it in spades), the improved breaking (Rocket comes with ABS - the brakes on my '05 Harley are weak to say the least), and the thought that I could easily get 100k miles out of that big Triumph in-line three cylinder. It also seems like it will take less general maintenance as they are at 10K mile intervals.

The down side to the Rocket 3, aside from the storage, would probably be the cost of replacing that 240mm rear tire every 6-8,000 miles.

Would love to hear you guys thoughts. I am not touring as much as I used to on the Harley. So aide from some commuting (mostly highway), it will get take on a few 500 mile trips and maybe 1 1000+ mile trip per year. I put anywhere from 5-10,000 miles per year on my bike in general.

One of my biggest regrets is NOT buying the Rocket III when it first came out. Lack of air suspension for two-upping did it. Every time I open the throttle on my ordinary cruiser, I wish I had the Triumph. If you're a guy that rides a cruiser at parade speeds.. well, then, all that power will be a waste. If, however, you're a seasoned veteran with big balls and a penchant for power, the Rocket satisfies like no other.
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