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Cool2 I'm LEARNING, take 2! Rookie + 3 step learning curve = 18" log clearance

SO...trying again...

here's Monday aka "part 1" or really weally .. i did a wheelie! learning the "UP" portion of crossing the 18" log -- riding off it onto the concrete pad that is about 16" off the ground.

part 2, has no video. that was working on riding off the concrete to a stop on the skidplate, then rocking her off the skidplate and riding out.

here's part 3 aka thursday aka "ALLEY OOP"...

(the original post...
For those of you who've read my ramblings these past few months, you know that wheelies have been my nemesis. I'm very lightweight (<120 lbs), have poor natural balance and no natural rhythm, a genetic disorder that means I have to be careful about falling/hurting myself, and an inadequate level of testosterone. the perfect combination for a trials rider, right???? As little as 2 weeks ago I could not consistently get the front wheel adequately off the ground to clear a 2x4.

But, I'm beaming from ear to ear today. Yup, ear to ear.
Monday's beam was pretty large -- going UP this danged log when it was against the concrete 'patio' .. so it was just up and then ride out level.
Wednesday's beam was next -- learning to ride from the concrete, onto the log on the skidplate,and ride her OFF the log.
But today ... today was the rockin'est.
Today, Trixter and I managed the log, the whole log, no concrete pad to break it into baby steps.
yes, it is only about 18" or so tall .. but a week ago I would've said it might as well be 18' tall for all the chance of MY riding over it!!!
(THANKS new trials friend Dave Jones for being there and helping Mike spot so that I could give this a try!!!!)
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