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Coolest turn signals

Originally Posted by tbarstow View Post
Put some cheap LED's in the handguards. The Lynx looks great, but there isn't a good place for front signals on it.
On my XCo I have the Lynx, and handguards from Highway Dirtbikes -- they (he! cool guy) offer LED turn-signals built-in to the handguard shields. Excellent simple functional... (LINKY HERE)
When you use LED's instead of bulbs, the X-bikes' computer thinks the electrical resistance looks too much like a burned-out bulb, so it gives the fast flash rate. You can accept that, or you can fight it back to normal slow blink by putting a resistor in-line with the LED's. I used the "Stage I load equalizer" from CustomLED (linky here) -- that wasn't quite enough resistance so now it fluctuates between fast and slow blink. But other than that, mixing LED front signals with OEM incandescent rear signals on the same circuits is just fine.
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