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FYI to the OP and Powerstroke owners...if you ever have an engine take a dive, take a look at dropping in a 12v Cummins 5.9L. It's actually a fairly common thing to drop a 12v or a 24v Cummins into a Ford trucks, people call it a "Fummins". People even convert gas trucks.

Quite a few people, including myself, believe Ford Super Duty's of any year (particularly late models) about as "bulletproof truck" as a consumer can get for a reasonable price...but the one thing that might be improved upon are the power plants especially the 6.0 although the 7.3, as mentioned here, should last forever. Kits and parts for Ford - Cummins conversions are readily available and when you're done you have a bulletproof truck with the most bulletproof yet simplistic consumer diesel engine around. Buy an Allison 1000 for it and consider yourself sitting pretty!

No I don't work for these ^ people. I myself have an old Cummins truck who's 12v I plan on dropping in a Super Duty soon enough and thought other people might be interest in the possibilities.
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