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Time To Wrap This Up

Just after we finished setting up the tents, we heard the sound of a diesel engine coming from up in the switchbacks. A few minutes later we see a big white Dodge Cummings 4 x 4 slipping & sliding the down the road. The truck stopped at our make shift camp. It was a young mother with a baby and her son (guessing about 10 years old), she wanted to know how far it was to the highway. Indeed she did, she looked pretty frazzled. She explained how she was looking for a short cut to Utah and her GPS directed her onto this road. They too got caught in the storm and instead of turning around kept climbing the pass. We could see her finger nails were packed with mud as she told us how they had to get out of the truck several times and peel the mud off the tires by hand because the truck was sliding uncontrollably. I think she was happier than hell to see us, the 10 year looked terrified. We explained to her she had made it through the worst and the road turned to gravel about 10 miles further and the highway was another 10 beyond that. Off they went.

Front of the Ninja had plenty of mud on it.

KLR packed full of mud, you can just make out a mud blob about the size of a basketball behind the KLR. Alex peeled all that off his bike.
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