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The Wing has been getting progressively worse. Up to a 1/2 quart of oil every 2 days, leaking out the front cover, behind the clutch and oil filter covers. Which means that half of my pants have a 6 inch stain on the right leg cuff, and my right boot is well waterproofed. And shiny.

So, I tore into it last weekend.

Seat, tank, lower and upper fairings, one exhaust pipe, and the upper fairing mounts, all have to come off, to get the radiator off, and expose the mechanical fan.

Then you have to pry off, the metal fan outer bushing, to get the fan off. A puller, works well, but make sure the feet are on the metal part, not the plastic fan. Don't ask.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr. t.i.t. = tight.

Success! The cover comes off, inspect and realign gasket that was kinked in one corner, and black silicone both sides of the entire thing.
Slap it back on, and reassemble.



Sorry for the crappy pics, but I can't seem to donload my pics from the phone, to the laptop. Which means I can't upload them to my smuggy.

So, trying out this verizon free online gallery.

It sucks.
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