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Originally Posted by SuperRio View Post
Put me down for one of those KLRE t-shirts. I love your style, just get it done hands on. Keep up the great work.
Great to hear - thanks! PM sent for some Tee's.

Ok - I lied about the next bit being the bash plate. I scored a centerstand on fleabay... kind of.

I think it's a SW Motech bit - which is awesome - but it was sold as missing some bits, which is why it was cheap. I started by making the missing mount. I got halfway through, but it was bedtime for the girls and I had to put the power tools away. Just before I finished, I got to try out my "new" (months old!) plasma cutter for the first time. Mind you, I haven't used one since high school ('bout the year 2000) - so as expected, a Polak and his plasma cutter is not better than a Polak and his welder. I need to play with the settings a bit more... LOTS of slag buildup and got the tip really dirty. Do I even need to mention how I can cut a straight line to save my life? I'll have to read up on the process a bit more. One day, I suppose.

Too embarrassed to post a mid-stage photo.

On a side note, I bought a cheap-o air compressor a while back. While it work well enough for occasional use and I like the tank size, it's annoyingly loud, the gauges are busted up from falling over during move, and just plain sucks. A nice, new, quiet one is on the wish list.

Anyway, the centerstand doesn't have the little foot extension where you would normally push down with your foot to get the bike up, which is weird, but I"m totally OK with that. I'll weld one on if I think I need one later.

Once the new bracket is done, I'll try to scrounge up some bolts - and hopefully that'll be that. THEN, maybe I can get to the skid-plate.

I actually feel pretty bad about working on the KLRE now - I bought a ZX-6RR with some issues to flip - I should be showing her more love, but I realllly can't help but pimp the favorite.
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