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WOW. Scary stuff. Another reason to try and control traffic (going slightly faster than the flow) instead of having traffic control you. Which granted, is not always possible.

I'd be interested in any LEO's reading the forum perspective. I would think that the dark car was at fault for not checking his 6 before he pulled out to pass. But the video appears that BOTH cars were following too closely. I'd bet that the silver cars plates are visible in review of the original video by some digital enhacement. Looks like leaving the scene of an accident, and maybe an unsafe pass? Which will prolly get him a $100 fine and 2 hours of traqffic school...

Also looks like the DA dark car steerer (obviously he was not driving, just steering) made matters worse by trying to stay on the road, Hell, he had about a football field of clear space between him and the trees on the right. Swerving back almost made him lose it, and endangered the sidecar guy.

Kudos to the hack rider for maintaining control.
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