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Injector Screen

The good thing about doing things yourself, is that the second time everything goes sooo much smoother.

That said, this is still the first time, and a lesson has now been learned!

Next time, I will defineatley pull the infector screen before reverse-blowing air through it. Like ever other screen/filter, from shop vac to bike do we not always take filter out, as seperate component and clean it then?

This time however, I messed up trying to get that lil sucker out, and have punctured it

Have the injector soaking in Diesel fuel conditioner (recommended?) for the night, will put the screen back in tommorrow, reinstall it all and try it out! Small puncture, but it can't run any worse! Will try to order injector screen kit tomorrow. um, if there is such a thing.

Did check the spade connectors on the coil, the rubber housing on one was loose, and rubbed through by a rad hose. Pinched it on a bit tighter and hopefully that and a super clean injector will make a difference....

Gonna be "extra ready" for spring...

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