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edit: I just checked your as in the main flea market, looks like it is sold, put me in line if it doesn't sell.I

'll take the VE 25. I have one already buy it's in bad shape

I can send you the $ but may be a bit before I can pick it up.


Originally Posted by MtTripper View Post
I posted this on the Fleamarket last night, but maybe someone close to local might be looking. I've got a bunch of tents that need to go, pics and details are at:

But here's the nutshell: All are 4-season, expedition tents that have been on at least one expedition in Alaska, all are totally serviceable, and I'd take them on another trip most anywhere, except the old Bibler, which I just used for a lightweight hike in (and, unfortunately- hike out) hunt in mid-Oct. I'd not trust that one in an epic storm, where my life depends on it, but I'd camp with it most anywhere else.

TNF VE25- $130 (2-3 person)
TNF Expedition 36- $180 (roomy 3-person)
Black Diamond Squall- $300 (lightweight 3 person- perfect shape)
Black Diamond Squall- $280 (perfect, but for some Sharpie ink on the bottom of the fly)
Bibler I-tent- $50 Older version, kept me dry a few weeks ago in the Oct 14th (?) snowstorm, but it is older...

I can probably deliver up and down the W slope if you're a bit patient- I'm headed to Montrose tomorrow and Durango on Thursday...
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