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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
The "onion boat" probably refers to Cakra Shipping, that operates small cargo boats between Penang and Belawan. I used them in Feb-2008, was easy, but lately there have been reports, that it only works one way for bikes these days (I'm assuming, but not certain, that it'll be from Indo to Malaysia). Indonesian customs can be a pain. But I guess I was lucky, because back then it took me like 10 minutes to clear my bike after arriving at Belawan.
^^true. Mr. Lim is not taking any bikes from Malaysia to Indo anymore, not allowed to. There is another way though... check the HUBB is wanted... From Belawan to Penang no problem I think...

Do not ship do Jakarta or Dumai if you like your bike. Friends have been busted there... "OK, Mister, give me please 2000USD and I go and get your bikes out of the customs area" A visit to the police in Jakarta and then it was: "OK, Mister give me please 2500USD and I go and get your bikes out of the customs area"...

... after two weeks they paid the "fees"....

the way though Indonesia was great, Est Timor was great too! The crossings no problem, but now its rain prepared, tyres are the biggest problem there, had to fly mine in from Singapoore (a friend was there so no problem).

good luck.
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