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Originally Posted by rhino89523 View Post
O.K. help!!! All the GPS stuff and this spot stuff makes my head hurt.

I am not a tech junky and I ride alone way more than I care to admit. I am a fairly hardcore off roader and get myself pretty far out into the middle of nowhere often. My wife would sleep better if my phone always worked out there and if I could be tracked. I started looking into this spot deal and it seems like the way to go for me. Would you guys get the 2 or the latest that links to the phone....why? HELP!!!! and thanks in advance.
My advice is once you get it USE IT. and I mean all the time and a lot. play with the features and get used to it. Program the two buttons with messages that mean something to you and for who will be watching. I use the custom button to say I'm starting an adventure/training session, doing a location check, taking a break. the OK button is for when I stop for the day, at either home or a campsite and then I can turn the unit off for the day. The tracking I use anytime the unit is turned on. Also, if you have to use the 911 and send in the marines use other Help button first! because what I've heard is once the 911 Help button is pushed none of the other buttons will work. call home first before the marines! I love my spot and hadn't had any problems with it at all. I also keep it inside a dry bag to keep it dry. I use it on my kayak, canoe, boat, hiking, biking and on my dirtbike, sailing, well, you get the point. oh yeah, I use it in the car as well! It's great for xcountry trips ....... etc, etc. have fun!
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