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Originally Posted by JoaoPCF View Post
Hi everyone,

I've been looking for a jacket all-purposes in RevZilla and I'm extremely confused.

So maybe somone here who knows this jackets better than me can tell me which one of this you think it's a better option for a guy that uses a bike everyday and is planning some big adventure trips (lots of different weathers) and some regular off-road with a trail bike. Plus buying online makes everything more confusing since you don't get to actually try the jackets and see how they feel in the body.

Held Carese Gore-Tex Jacket (700$)
Alpinestars Durban Gore-Tex Jacket(700$)
Spidi Marathon H2OUT Jacket (600$)
Klim Latitude 840 Jacket (560$)

I'm not thinking to spend more than 750$ so my main choices are these. What do you think?

All seem good and I'm afraid to choose one just for the way it looks and miss some really important feature.

I have been doing this exact same jacket search for about three months, and I'd go with the Klim Latitude. (Personally, I'm buying the Klim Badlands Pro, but that's just me, because it has better venting in the summer.)

I like the Latitude because it's Gore-Tex on the exterior shell there's no liner. If I remember correctly, and I did look at all those same jackets, the other three jackets all have liners. For me, I wanted to simplify. I didn't want liners, waterproof or thermal.

The Klim stuff has a great reputation, and the waterproofing is guaranteed for life. Also, it's the cheapest jacket, but I think your bang-for-the-buck is the best with the Latitude. I do believe the other jackets all have d3O armor, while the Latitude does not. I still think CE-rated armor is pretty good, though; the d3O is maybe slightly more comfortable.

As for fit, that's always a guessing game. Everyone is different. If you buy from Revzilla, they will exchange your jacket if it's the wrong size and ship the right size for free. I think they do this one time only, though. But that's pretty good customer service. Also, you can call them or email them and they'll offer sizing advice. (By the way, I do not work for Revzilla and I'm not affiliated with them in any way, but I am impressed with their customer service.)

I hope these thoughts help you find the right jacket. All the jackets listed will probably do 98% of what you need a jacket to do.

Let us know what you decide, and do a write-up on the jacket you buy.
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